This is my base setup before adding any language-specific tooling:

1. Package Control

The package manager that should by rights be bundled with the editor. Installation instructions here

2. SideBarTools (github)

The side bar is incomplete without move / duplicate / delete operations in the context menu. Still looking for a quick shortcut to exclude folders from a project.

Note: SidebarEnhancements is often recommended for this, but it was found to have unexpected telemetry included.

3. GitGutter (github)

Classic plugin, clear visible icons in the gutter.

Configuration: (Not sold on the theme yet).

"theme": "Bars.gitgutter-theme",
"show_status_bar_text": false

4. GitSavvy (github)

Fulfilled my wish of diffing and selective staging from while never leaving the editor.

Memorizable and quick keyboard-driven flow:

  1. Open the dashboard with the git status command,
  2. , and . to select files
  3. Stage/Unstage whole files,
  4. Inline diff (L) + stage Hunks,
  5. Enter the Commit view that includes the complete diff,
  6. Cmd+enter to commit,
  7. P to push to remote.


    "show_commit_diff": true,
    "inline_diff_auto_scroll": true,
    "show_panel_for": ["push, pull, rebase"],
    "git_status_in_status_bar": false

5. Theme: El Capitan and Oceanic Next