Now that I’m not just slinging C# all day, there are some interesting new problems. Like PHP hotfixes that need to be deployed to Windows and Ubuntu boxes on a whim. Currently, we’re using WinMerge or even Filezilla to push invidual files across, and I yearn to be able to just do this:

git push live

On the Ubuntu servers, this is easy

On Windows,

  • Follow the installation instructions to install Bonobo Git Server
  • Create a repository for yourapp in Bonobo
  • Create a web application in IIS for yourapp, under eg. c:\inetpub\yourapp
  • Grant the IIS_IUSRS group write permissions to this directory.
  • Locate your repository in Bonobo’s App_Data folder and add the following in hooks\post-receive
git checkout -f  

Also edit the config of the repository, making sure at least the following settings are present:

  bare = false
  worktree = /inetpub/yourapp
  denyCurrentBranch = ignore

Finally, add the remote to your local git repository:

git remote add yourserver http://admin@yourwindowsserver/yourapp.git

You’re good to go:

git push yourserver